X7 Clinical Research Medical Center provides logistics services in clinical trials.

The center is licensed to carry out pharmaceutical activities. It is equipped with a modern pharmacy warehouse. The warehouse is intended for receiving, storing, accounting for all groups of medicines and medical devices, including thermolabile products. Storage is carried out in strict accordance with the regulatory requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, Good Clinical Practice and the requirements of the CT protocol. Control of temperature and humidity parameters is carried out at all stages of product distribution, guaranteeing the safety and invariance of the properties of pharmaceutical products.

X7 Clinical Research also offers custody services for medicines and medical materials for clinical trials.

Warehouse characteristics

Storage room for medical devices with microclimate control:

  • reception area
  • administrative area
  • storage area for medical devices (shelving)
  • storage area for medical items requiring special conditions (metal lockable cabinets)
  • forwarding area

Storage room for medicines with microclimate control:

  • metal lockable cabinets for storing medicines at room temperature
  • refrigerators for storing medicines at a temperature of +2…+8
  • freezer for storing medicines at a temperature of -15 … -25
  • quarantine storage area
  • zone of withdrawn medicines