The Clinical Center was opened in April of 2018.

X7 Clinical Research is a modern center specializing in conducting clinical studies in bioequivalence and Phase I, II, III studies and post marketing drug research in all therapeutic areas. Center’s mission is to conduct clinical studies at the highest quality level, while corresponding to local and international legislation and ensuring subject’s safety during the research.

X7 Clinical Research is able to attain an extensive base of healthy volunteers.

X7 Clinical Research employs highly qualified staff with in-depth knowledge of the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Medical workers regularly undergo internal trainings and receive quality education from the leading educational institutions.

The clinical center has the most modern equipment that fully meets all of the international standards, such as clock with a synchronization function, CCTV cameras, intensive therapy and intensive care rooms. X7 Clinical’s capacity enable us to treat 35 patients at the same time.

All research is carried out under the strict supervision of the Ethics Committee.

The center is located in the northern part of St. Petersburg, within walking distance from Udelnaya and Pionerskaya metro stations. Total area of the center is 452.7 m2.

X7 Clinical


Conducting clinical trials at the highest quality level (on the basis of local Russian Federation legislation, the EAEU and international requirements), as well as ensuring subject’s safety during the research

X7 Clinical


  1. Top quality services
  2. Safety of Clinical Trails
  3. Social responsibility
  4. Work within the budget
  5. Maintenance of reputation and ethics
  6. Striving for innovation